Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kina Kai Strips In The Sun


Hot-body Asian, Kina has a flair for mixing sweet and naughty in one arousing recipe for sexual delight. In her debut on Dream Dolls, she peels off her clothes as bright sun spreads a glow on her amazing body.

Check her out as she has the ultimate thrill just by getting giving us pleasure in her first photo club, Kina Strips in the Sun.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sofia - Teen Heart

Teen Heart

Looks a lot younger than she really is, Sofia has that youthful, beautiful look to her... This gorgeous, fun-loving girl makes a perfect addition to FTV, and what a sexy way about her! We see her in a sexy blue dress & heels, walking around a busy tourist shopping area, occasionally bending over and flashing that sexy butt, and exposing her perky nipples! Getting even more risky as she spreads and fingers herself right there! She gets some unwanted attention... Off to a resort area and she masturbates with a blue vibrator, penetrating herself to pleasure. Then changing to another sexy outfit at the parking lot, she's posing and playing some more, showing off that sexy, full butt. Back home, she uses her fingers to masturbate again, this time having a nice, natural orgasm. Notice the strong vaginal contractions visible from it. After trying on a few cute outfits for us, she puts on a cute white shirt, puts her hair in a bun, then gets kinky with her heels. First giving us some foot fetish, then taking her shoe heel and penetrating herself with it! Horny again, she uses her fingers to another masturbation to orgasm. Then we get extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts, and her prominent clitoris. Showing off how she like to ride guys, she takes on the Glass FTV Toy, and sees how deep she can go. Back outside at a golf course, she's running topless, doing backstands, and just being a teen at heart! Then she plays with the Vibraking toy, and does one sexy dance to music, stripping and showing off that 'booty shake' hip action. She's a gorgeous girl, and just right for FTV!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Katrina Landers In Ooh La La

Ooh La La

Our European babe does a stylish turn in her silver gray dress, baring her natural hooters just for us. Smiling or serious, she's a devastating flirt. Do that teach that in the schools over there? That fabulous rear of hers is also a sweet sight as she peels off her dress. The breasts come out, as she puts on her sexy show with an invitation to get up-close and personal. We're all for that, if Katrina's willing.

We're just glad to have the exclusive shots of this amazing girl.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Lena Li Has Big Treasures

Big Treasures

Lena likes to bring dramatic touches to her posing, and her body is larger than life to begin with. So it's no wonder she captures our attention with those massive breasts and her flair in posing. She unbuttons her sheer blouse and plays to the audience for good effect in her riveting new set, Lena Li Big Treasures.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Corinne - Hotie In Red

Hotie In Red

Totally gorgeous, she's a half-Filipina hottie that has never done nudes in her life, let alone masturbate on camera! She's shy at first, doing a test shoot stripping down... but she's got that spunky personality and she's a lot of fun on video. Then in a sexy red dress & heels, she gives us upskirt views, spreads her private parts, with extreme closeups of her clit. Rubbing herself, she turns herself on, then uses two vibrators to masturbate. Not having enough, she uses the vibraking toy to masturbate further to a strong orgasm (with a strong vaginal response)! So much pleasure in discovering herself here on FTV. Going out on a skateboard, she gets bottomless and finally completely all naked out on the street! Then back home, she gives herself a breast massage, some nipple closeups, and more extreme closeups of her private parts. Wet inside, she uses the vibraking once again to a loud orgasm. She's got really pretty feet, so we get some foot fetish action... To finish off, she does a striptease to techno music, she has a hot way of shaking that booty!! Enjoy this total First Timer, one of the most gorgeous Asian girls we've ever seen

Monday, April 18, 2011

Natacha - Jewel Bikini

Jewel Bikini

Natacha looks so fine in her chain-link bikini studded with these teardrop jewels. It's not lined or anything, so you can see through it pretty well. But she decides to take off the top anyway, cupping her large and shapely breasts by the window, splashed with sunlight. Oh boy, lots of hot blonde to see in Natacha Jewel Bikini.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jill Madison - Doll House

Doll House

Outside the mansion, Jill strips down to her birthday suit, while we celebrate the view we have of her. It's a nice afternoon, and she's feeling very lustful. She wants to give us a gift, which turns out to be her nude body. Oh, happy days. Her breasts bounce, her lips part, and the house opens wide for the hot doll in front.

There's no place like home when Jill is there, to keep it dirty.